For those of you who travel a lot – I don’t know how you do it.  We (hubby, little man, the dog and I) drove out from Chicago to the suburbs of Boston this weekend to visit my family.  The drive actually went better than expected considering that we had a toddler locked in a car seat for 20-ish hours.  But oh man did we pay for it at the end there.  So while here, we stopped at Costco and bought a DVD player for the back of the headrest.  We’ll see if that makes the return trip any easier.  One can only hope.

In other news, Dru is massively enjoying running my parents and sister and their dogs ragged.  As I speak, he is convincing my sister to give him tortilla chips and help him attack the piano.  At least he’s having fun.

So here’s to hoping he continues having fun, and that the return trip goes smoothly.  Only time will tell.


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