Laughing is an important part of my day.  I love being able to work from home, and only really having to work during the hours that Dru is asleep.  It allows me to interact with him on a wonderful level.  It also gives me plenty to laugh at.  Now that he’s almost 18 months old (as of tomorrow) he’s full of it (what that “it” is, I can’t begin to imagine).  The boy loves to laugh, and has games he loves to play.  Lately it’s his version of hide and seek – which is basically him running where he can’t see me, and then giggling like a fool.  I then say “Where’s Dru?” and he jumps out giggling “There it is” (or at least his muddled toddler attempt at it) and we rinse and repeat for a while.

He has so many other tricks that keep me laughing, I often wonder how I managed to work in an office for the first year of his life.  Don’t get me wrong – I still need adult interaction – there’s only so much NickJr. I can watch.  And while Sandra Boynton books are great, there’s a limit on how many times I can read Barnyard Dance in one day.  But I’m loving being able to spend this time with him.

I’m not knocking working moms (or dads).  I know (trust me, I do) that staying home just isn’t feasible, or desirable, for everyone.  When I was working full-time, I used to wonder how I would avoid getting bored staying home.  Doing the stuff I’m doing part-time definitely helps fight any potential boredom, but yeah, I don’t think it would be much of an issue even without it.

When we were visiting my parents, we got to have dinner with my best friend, and something she said to me really hit home.  She said I looked more happy than she’d seen me in a while, and that I was more relaxed.  After thinking about it, she hit the nail on the head.  I am.  I laugh more, I don’t have crazy amounts of office stress weighing on me.  This is really working out for me and for us.

Of course I have my days where I’m ready to rip my hair out – any parent who says they never have those days is either lying, not around their children, or both.  But I love it.  I love being a mom.  It keeps me laughing, and, as greater persons than I have said – laughter keeps you young.  So, hopefully I’ll be keeping young for a long time yet.

And, for those of you who need a laugh – here are some of my recent favorite laughable photos.

Dru wasn't quite sure what to do with the he defaulted to this:

Dad (aka Papa) and I decided to take Dru down to Fulton's Pond. He decided to wear his new shades which he picked out ALL BY HIMSELF

Here he is trying not to laugh at Papa…it’s not working.

And anyone who says you can't take an 18-m.o. in a car for 1000 miles, is just a wuss. We did it, and spend lots time making him laugh, to avert screaming.


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