Keeping Secrets

Okay, so this is going to be a rant…just a warning.

So Kris and I were talking about these “hactivists” (Anonymous and Lulz Security, etc) and I got really angry about the whole situation.

These groups sound like they’re whiny little kids who got left out of a secret by the other kids and started screaming “YOU CAN’T KEEP SECRETS!!!! TELL THE WHOLE CLASS!”.  That’s all I’m getting from everything I’ve seen of them.

Now, I’m all for government accountability, but this is ridiculous.  Anonymous is actually proud of the fact that they hacked MasterCard and crashed their servers just because MC didn’t want to process WikiLeaks payments!  REALLY?  They’re a corporation, they can choose to do business with whomever they choose (or not).  And now these groups are demanding complete transparency from every government and business entity?  Fine, let them start.

Here’s my demands of them:

  • Names, SSNs, Bank Account Numbers, etc for all of their employees.  These are all documents that companies keep on their employees.  So I demand that they start the transparency and release that information.
  • Addresses – because you know that these whiners aren’t going to stop at demanding this type of crap – they’re going to slippery-slope themselves into the argument that individuals shouldn’t have secrets either.  So they’re going to start hacking personal accounts and information.  So I’d like their addresses so that when my information is hacked, I can pay them a little visit and explain to them why that was a bad idea.

Some things are kept secret for a reason – trade secrets are a part of capitalism – it keeps companies competitive.  HR documents, medical records, personal information – all of that is information on individuals that companies keep.  And the argument they are making that having no government secrets would mean an end to war is bullsh*t.  All it does is create an upfront arms race – and the Cold War taught us that Arms Races are unproductive.

Another consequence I doubt these people have thought of is the consequences to criminal justice.  What now will happen to the personal safety of Mrs. Johnson down the street whose identity is now leaked to the public before the murder trial she’s set to testify in?  Hm?

In a perfect world, complete transparency would be great – but this is not a perfect world, and people are corrupt, cruel and unjust.  It’s the world we live in, and the rules we play by.  Just because they don’t like it, doesn’t mean they get to endanger others, either physically or financially.

These little punks are just looking for some excuse to justify their breaking of laws and invasion of people’s privacy.  Giving in to them will just make them want more.  You don’t give in to a toddler throwing a tantrum for the same reason – it teaches them they get what they want when they do it.


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