Shutting Down

Oh Minnesota…

Well, according to news reports, MN government has shut down for the second time in six years.  All because they failed to meet a budget agreement.

Seriously?  This is ridiculous.  We almost had the same issue with the federal government a while back.  Do the people making these laws have a fundamental mental deficiency?  These budget deadlines aren’t things that are surprises!  And they have some real widespread consequences.

Yet again, the Democrats and Republicans are pointing fingers at the other side, blaming them for giving up too easily.  But what about compromise?  According to what I read, the Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party (the Governor included) want – in general – to raise taxes on the wealthiest 1.9% and cut spending.

The Republicans are stating that they met with and agreed to a some of the funding requests (couldn’t find out which ones) and are criticizing the Governor for wanting to stick to “his rigid, tax-and-spend ideology, rather than prioritize the best interests of Minnesotans as we move into the holiday weekend.”

In response, the Democrat group is blaming the Republicans for the shutdown saying that the Republicans are in favor of “devastating cuts to education, health care, public safety, and other vital services”

So instead of sucking it up, and coming to an agreement that will benefit the citizens, the politicians are AGAIN playing the blame game.  Guess what politicians – the people who are getting screwed over don’t care which party is to blame.  They know that ALL OF YOU are to blame, together.  So it’s time to come together and get that shit taken care of!

I’d like to see raw numbers of how many of the MN Republicans are included in the group that the Dems want to raise taxes on.  Because I have no doubt that this resistance is not for the benefit of the majority of constituents, but instead for the benefit of their own bottom lines.

Guess what, if you’re included in the top 1.9% of wealth in any state, you can afford to have a bit more in taxes come out.  It’s just math.

As for the Dems, I’m sure that the Republicans aren’t trying to basically cripple all public services in the state – that’s just stupid.

So, here’s what I have to say to both parties.  I think you should all not be paid, until the budget is approved and the other state employees are squared away.  If this happens, I can guarantee there will be a new budget ASAP.


One comment on “Shutting Down

  1. Dann says:

    While I understand your point of the “rich” paying their fair share, I disagree on what fair share is. If everyone payed a flat rate, the amount of the wealthier person would automatically be more than the person who made less. Charging someone a higher percentage because the make more is just punishing people for succeeding!
    I believe it would be better to just have the govenrment quit wasting monies and only spend what it is constitutionally allowed.
    As for who earns more, Reps or Dems, to claim the the Republicans are doing it because they are the “rich” intimates that the Democrats are the “regular people”. This is disingenuous at best and smacks of class warfare tactics that are too often employed by both parties.
    I think you are spot on with one point tho. If the legislature does not do its job, they should not be paid! We would not be!

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