for straws…

That’s what a Michigan inmate is currently doing.

Apparently Kyle Richards (currently in prison after pleading guilty to bank robbery charges) is suing Governor Rick Snyder and the state of Michigan over the ban that his prison has placed on something he deems vital to his health – both mental and physical.

What is this thing you ask?  Sunlight?  Food?


Yep.  Porn.  Apparently, the ban on porn at the prison has “been used as a method of ‘psychological warfare’ against prisoners, in order to both destroy the morale of inmates and break the spirit of individuals.”  It’s a denial of his constitutional rights!

Now, it’s been a while since I took my ConLaw class in college, but I’m pretty sure that Professor Maveety never covered the constitutional right to porn.  And it was a 400-level class, so I’m pretty sure that would have been covered.  You know what, I even did a search in my book on Supreme Court decisions (it has all of them through the 2005 session) and nowhere in it does the Supreme Court address a right to porn.  NOWHERE.

So, in all, they’ve denied him the ability to have porn…OH NO NOT THAT!  How dare they punish someone in prison?!  Poor little whiner can’t have his porn.  Well, maybe he shouldn’t have been out robbing banks!  Prison is not supposed to be a free apartment complex with all the perks of living on the outside.  IT’S PRISON.  IT’S PUNISHMENT.

He’d better be glad I’m not in charge of running the prisons.  They get too many privileges as it is.  There is no way in hell they should get access to TV programs – except maybe the news and weather.  And the food (under my control) would be highly nutritious paste.  Why give them expensive and good tasting shit – let them get their nutritive value in the most cost effective way possible.

He doesn’t get porn in jail – WAH.  I’m pretty sure that he’s missing the point here.  His 21-year-old behind needs to be less entitled and more deprived.  And he’s in the perfect place for that kind of education – prison, land of deprivation (or at least it should be).


And don’t even get me started on what about “my generation” pisses me off…


Here’s the story (it’s all over the place if you want to search for it somewhere else)

As a total side note, I think this is probably the first (and hopefully only) time I’ve ever used “porn in prison” as a post tag…






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