Keeping Secrets 2.0

And I think I have a new best friend.  This article quotes Rik Ferguson ”

a security consultant at Trend Micro, said that the AntiSec banner is being used as a flag of convenience for all sorts of mischief by people who are seemingly unfamiliar with the origin of the term. He writes:

‘In the ultimate irony, the original AntiSec manifesto from back in 2001 was all about the irresponsibility of full disclosure. That same manifesto was re-posted when Imageshack was compromised eight years later. The manifesto criticised the ‘security industry’ for using full-disclosure to develop ‘scare tactics’ to convince people into by security. Are you listening, Operation AntiSec?

Find the flaws, publish your successes if you must, but have the decency to spare the innocent victims of your activities. Obscure personal data before you publish; otherwise you are considerably worse than those you are attempting to shame.'”


Apparently Anonymous is at it again.  But this time they’ve hacked a defense contractor and posted 90,000 email and password hashes of military service members.  Because that’s totally going to help whatever cause they purport to be serving – annoying service members with spam.  That’s a good plan.

I wonder if they realize that this type of shit is just going to piss off the general public even more.

What dipshits.





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