So we went up to a friend’s family cabin this week for a few days off from the baby.  Kris and I had a ton of fun – went to Michigan’s Adventure on Tuesday and canoeing today.

We took an 11-mile trip down the Chippewa River and had a grand old time.  The only downside was that Kris hit me in the head with the canoe.  We were about 1.5 miles from the end of the trip, and capsized.  As I came up, I conked my head on the edge of the canoe.  Then I watched our shoes, baggies and oars float away.  We recovered all but my sunglasses and one of Kris’ shoes – and the use of our phones.  Apparently the baggie with the phones in it wasn’t fully closed or it leaked while floating the 100 yards downriver, so both our phones are kaput.  Thank goodness for phone insurance.  We’ll have our new phones tomorrow.

All in all, we had a ton of fun, and it was nice to recharge our batteries without little man.

I will say, all parents should take some time to recharge for themselves and let their little ones spend time with grandparents or whomever.


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