HamJam #9!

This is my 8th HamJam, and I think my parents’ 6th or 7th.  It was also the first year we had rain.  Despite that, we had a HUGE turnout, including a surprise guest of Kellie (she ostensibly wasn’t going to be there, and took a long train ride to make it).

As always the food was awesome, We had our three tents for colds, hots and desserts, and the rain just let everyone get nice and cozy under their chosen tent or overhang.

Dru loved it – he was really too young to have much fun last year, so this year was his first HamJam that he was able to participate in.  We got some great pictures of everyone, so here they come!

This one is the day before HamJam:

Dru enjoying the water/sand table that Mams had "jump" into her cart


Dru and Papa Dann


Dru playing with the water/sand table in his HamJam "finery"

The younger members inside during a bout of rain

Dru and his "tar" that Bryce donated

Dru and Grams with Lego Papa

People chatting and socializing during a dry spell

Overall, I think we had a great time!

And to add a little extra, we hit up the fair before we left, and Dru got to see the goats!

Dru and his friend the goat


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