is what I would like to do to these “administrators”.

Administrators of a school in Missouri are now on my “should be dragged into the streets and shot with darts until they bleed out” list.  Want to know why?  Of course you do – you’re reading my blog.

So yes, these “paragons of virtue” and “protectors of youth” decided in the 2008-2009 school year to ignore the complaint of a mentally challenged girl who claimed to be sexually harassed and raped by another student.  They bullied her into recanting, then EXPELLED her for making the claims in the first place.  But only after they made her write him an apology and hand deliver it (of course).

When the poor thing returned to school the next year (09-10), the harassment began again.  And then she was raped AGAIN.  She didn’t report this to the school (why would she, after her previous experience) and thankfully told her mother.  When she was checked out by the Child Advocacy Center – who found evidence of rape trauma and semen – the school still didn’t so anything.  Even though she was RAPED IN THE LIBRARY OF THE SCHOOL.

So, the boy was charged and plead guilty (it was his semen).

Now the girl and her mother are suing the school district.  They are alleging a whole host of things, including the fact that the school, as mandated reporters, didn’t report the initial rape accusation.  And then punished her by making it.  And apparently all while knowing that the girl’s challenge included a conflict-averse personality with an inability to deny others.  So, being the lovely caring people that they are, the school district has responded that the suit is invalid because the girl failed to protect herself (NICE ASSHOLES, because as we all know, rape victims are asking for it /end sarcasm) and failed to exhaust administrative remedies.

What I want to know is what remedies they wanted her to exhaust?  They bullied her into recanting a statement, then kicked her out of school.  It doesn’t exactly sound like they were going to be willing to hear her accuse them of wrongdoing.

I seem to be forming many posses lately.  Maybe I need to start a company…


5 comments on “Stabbing

  1. Disgusting. Let’s see the school district and its employees failed to investigate this rape in a serious light, failed to even follow the reporting requirements that there was an allegation made and further harmed this little girl by making her apologize to her attacker yet have the balls to blame her for her own repeated rape because they didn’t actually physically rape her…yeah this is going to go over *so* well in Court. I think the words the plaintiff’s attorney is looking for is “slam dunk”. I hope this little girl gets enough money for the therapy she’s going to need and to attend the college of her choice up to and including getting her PhD. And they should just throw away the key on the rapist now before he hurts anyone else.

  2. manderkinz says:

    Horrible. Especially from a school district. My high school district had a teacher with AIDS (No one knew). He wound up drugging a student, raping him, (giving him HIV too) and he was only asked to retire. The student was asked to keep quiet, and the teacher just moved away, full pension, everything.

    • Manda, that’s terrible. Why do people allow these things to happen? Where was the outrage for these poor victims?

      “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – and by refusing to punish the perpetrators (and turn the matters over to law enforcement) the administrators are condoning the atrocities.

  3. Not to mention that last year when this SAME BOY raped her she reported it and they made her write a HANDWRITTEN LETTER OF APOLOGY and PERSONALLY deliver it to the boy! I wrote that in caps because it is so terribly unbelievable. What kind of monsters do this?!?!?! What would ever make a person think that this is ok? I mean, if they didn’t believe her, give a reason to not believe. By this I mean, make the report and get the rape kit. If it shows no assault and no semen then maybe you have grounds to have her apologize. But otherwise it is cruel and unusual treatment of a traumatized teen. How do people like that even get to be employed within our education system????

    Lucky Star

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