Well, as most of us have noticed, campaign season has already started…yay…

I despise campaign season, and campaign commercials.  Mostly because people only focus on what they see in the commercials, and don’t do research for themselves.

So here is my request to all of you this election:  Educate yourself.  If you’re interested in a candidate, search for them, look up their views on issues that are important to you, and compare it to voting records, etc.

Then, take it to the next step and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

I don’t care who you vote for.  Seriously, I don’t.  Vote for your pet fish (he’s probably a better candidate than some…) or whomever, but VOTE.

On a related note, I’ve become intrigued by the new site  It purports to be a way to get people more direct input into candidates on their ballots.  So far 1.7 million registered voters have signed up.  As of today, when I signed up out of curiosity, it had 64 topic questions to help you narrow down your “colors”.  I’m not sure how it plans on getting things done, but I plan on waiting and seeing what happens.


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