Or not.  Dru has always been a good sleeper – slept 4 hours the first night in the hospital even.  Up until this past week.  He skipped his nap on Sunday, Monday he talked through it, yesterday he did the same thing, and today was a repeat.  Now, each day he spent his nap time in his crib, just like previous nap times, but he simply didn’t sleep.  At first I thought it could have been an ear infection – except that he’s sleeping fine at night (going down at 7/7:30 PM and getting up at 8:30/9 AM).  So his nighttime sleep hasn’t changed, but he’s skipping naps – and it’s showing in his behavior in the afternoon.  He’s cranky and over-tired from about 4pm to bedtime, which makes my afternoons tough.  I was beginning to think it was his teeth, so before nap time today, I gave him some Orajel – no joy.

I just don’t know what to do for him.  He’s tired and miserable in the afternoon, thus making me miserable, and the pediatrician said it’s probably just him deciding he doesn’t want to nap.


So, to all the other moms out there – HELP?!  Any suggestions on getting him to nap?  I’m going to continue putting him down like normal, but he clearly needs the sleep…


4 comments on “Napping

  1. Erin says:

    That’s a lot of nighttime sleep, which is nice, but might be that he just isn’t tired enough to nap. My mom says my brother slept well at night but didn’t nap at all from an early age. M sleeps 11 to 11.5 hrs at night and only naps for 60-90 min these days. I suppose you could try waking him up early in the morning but I’m sure that’s no guarantee he would nap!

    • It’s more the sudden decision not to nap. He’s sleeping the same amount at night as he used to, just skipping his naps. It’s possible that you’re right, but again, kids don’t come with guarantees! Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow?

  2. manderkinz says:

    When Dom doesn’t want to sleep, most of the time getting cozy with mommy will help. Have you tried laying down with him? I saw him yesterday for only a second, and it was so obvious that he was tired, maybe its just a motivation issue? Like, he knows how tired he is, but he doesn’t want to miss whatever else might go on?

    I have no idea, just throwing out ideas. Good luck! Sleepy babies are Cranky babies!

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