So I was recently considering my crafting status, and realized that though I have attempted knitting briefly in the past, I never really got into it.

In talking to Kris, I then decided that in my quest for the perfect winter hat, and my obsession with sweaters, it’s probably a good thing to give it another shot now that I have both time and (theoretically) patience.  So I started scouting the internet for knitting sites, in need of patterns and tips.  I stumbled across a site which has plucked at my heart-strings and my sappy nature –  Basically, the woman who started the site is a knitter who is planning on making hats for people undergoing medical treatments and in need of hats.  And just in case I fail miserably at knitting (it could happen) she has a bunch of patterns whose owners have offered to allow her to distribute them for the charity, and they include sewn hats – so I have a backup plan!

After reading the rest of her site, I found links to two more sites which de-Grinched me even further.  Sue (the site’s owner) also runs a charity knitting/crocheting/etc for newborn babies in need.  Most of you who know me at all, know that babies are my big weakness.  A baby in need is my Kryptonite.  So I jumped over to this site – and decided that I needed to stop clicking so that I could stop melting.

Going back to the Head Huggers site, I then scrolled to the very bottom – where I saw a link to another melt-your-heart site – which provides 4 free housecleaning sessions (1 per month for 4 months) to women undergoing chemo nationwide.

As I sat here looking at my computer and turning to goo, I decided that I HAVE to start knitting now.  Because my gooey caramel center demands it of me.  I will learn to knit, and then donate the CRAP out of my projects.

This is my new plan.  Who wants to join me?

Also, I really want a cute winter hat that fits.


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