Lately I’ve been having trouble reading the news.  First, all of the coverage for Hurricane Irene was ridiculous.  We actually saw people calling it the “storm of the century” – apparently those same people have forgotten that Ike and Katrina both happened in this century.  But the worst was the people.  One of the engineers Kris works with was complaining about the horrors of the storm as it hit New Jersey – because he wasn’t able to charge his cell phone without going out and turning on his car.  When Kris called him on his asinine complaint, the guy told him that there was no way he could understand the devastation caused by Irene.  After holding back the urge to curse at this guy, Kris calmly explained that, in fact, he understood more than the engineer, because we lost everything in Katrina, and still haven’t found some friends that evacuated to Texas.  The guy shut up pretty promptly after that.  I blame the media for most of the hysteria though.  My parents are in the Boston area, and didn’t get hit too badly.  They lost power for a bit, and Mom’s office was still without power when I talked to them yesterday – but from what they said, Hurricane Bob was MUCH worse (my perception of Bob is skewed, because all I remember is that we had to cancel my birthday party that year and reschedule it because Bob hit on my birthday).

So, in an attempt to avoid all of the Hurricane coverage and hysteria, I switched over to the Justice tab on CNN – because I like to see what’s going on in the Courts and whatnot.  Well, the first story I see is about a man who got mad at his girlfriend, so he hit and then threw their son over the bow of the tour boat they were on.  Thankfully the boy wasn’t run over, and was rescued promptly, but really?!  WTH dude?  So I scrolled past that epic father of the year candidate and see a story which makes me even stabbier – police in North Carolina find a newborn (few-days old) infant in the bathroom trash in a grocery store.  Since the little girl was a few days old, someone clearly BROUGHT HER TO THE STORE AND THREW HER OUT.  Dear Lord in Heaven, really?  I know that NC has a safe haven law (every state in the country does) and I just can’t fathom what the person (and I use that term VERY lightly) was thinking when they left that poor baby there.

Many of you know that I have a hard time dealing with things that happen to children, especially babies.  What I want to know is this – with all of the options in this country for those who don’t want children – abortion, adoption, contraception, why in the hell do these people have children in their care.  If you don’t want to care for a child properly, don’t be in charge of one!  This seems to be a growing problem (or maybe it’s just that there’s been a rash of genetic donors doing harm to their children lately) and I just don’t understand why.  We have the technology to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  We have the infrastructure in place to deal with unwanted pregnancies that do happen.  So why?????

I just don’t understand.


3 comments on “Musing

  1. Erin says:

    I was very annoyed by the media hype around Irene too, even though there is now a backlash about how there is severe flooding in some areas and so on… well there is severe flooding in Nebraska and Iowa too and I don’t see that making top headlines on EVERYWHERE so forgive me for being a little underwhelmed by Irene! I am an East Coaster born and bred, but now that I live in Nebraska I understand the annoyance that people in the “flyover states” feel toward the media and pop culture – everything that happens to the Coasts is the BIGGEST THING EVER but if it happens here, meh.

  2. Dann says:

    When it happens to the gulf coast it only affects those “southerners”, you know… hicks, and blacks. When it hits the east coast something important could be affected like interrupting “Dancing with the Stars” or the “Today” show!

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