Well, apparently when planning out my sewing for today, I completely forgot that we were watching Dom – so since there were two toddlers in my house, I did not in fact get any sewing done.  Instead, I got a cuteness overload and a messy living room.  It’s about a one-for-one trade 🙂

The boys were super cute – they were running around giggling like idiots and having a ball.  At points, they would stop and sit together or play sweetly (that never lasted long).  When Dru started reading “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” to Dom, we dang near died from the cute.  Unfortunately, the camera battery was dead, so no video (sorry grandparents).

So yes, this is a short post.


2 comments on “Changing

  1. I also didn’t do any sewing today mostly because I didn’t plan any sewing and I haven’t touched a sewing machine since the sewing classes I took on Saturday morning in 5th grade.

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