So while the in-laws were here this weekend, we were all talking about Ren Faire.  We’re all headed up the first weekend in October for the final weekend of the Michigan RenFaire.  It also happens to be the weekend of the Chocolate Festival!  YUM.

In talking about it, Mom and Dad are planning on going in their pirate costumes, so Kris and I figured that we should go in costume too.  But we don’t have anything other than our wedding garb.  So…we went to Joann’s (because apparently they’re one of the only places left that actually sells fabric).

Anyway, we found patterns for both Kris and I (and a pirate hat and hook for Dru, lol).  I’m super excited.

These are the ones we chose:

For Kris:  Burda 7976

but we’re doing the main tunic in a cream and the cowl in charcoal.  We’re also skipping the sleeves and having him use his bloused shirt and trews from the wedding.  I started his tabard this afternoon.  Other than adding the ribbon and whatever decorative badging he decides on, it’s now done.  So tomorrow I’ll attach the ribbon and then do the cowl and its ribbon.

Then I’ll start working on mine: Burda 7977

I’m not really changing anything here (skipping the damned bonnet) and making it in a gorgeous grass green linen.  It’s a ton simpler than my wedding dress was, so I’m hoping it goes together quickly too.

I’ll post pictures when they’re all put together.


One thing I have to say about my machine though – as much as I love it and the fact that it’s a table machine, I had a few spots today where I wished it was a tabletop machine so it had an arm I could do the sleeves with.  Ah well.


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