So Mississippi voters are being given the opportunity to vote on a bill which makes me sick.

Measure 26, aka the Personhood Amendment, will appear on the ballot for the November 8 election.  The MS Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by the ACLU and others opposing the measure stating that the populace has the right to vote on the measure, which can be challenged on a constitutionality basis after enactment or voter approval.  (Hughes v Hosemann (2010-1949)).

Here’s the gist of the proposed state constitutional amendment: personhood would extend to the unborn, basically making abortions illegal.  Supporters ultimately hope that it will appealed to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), thus giving them an opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Florida, Montana and Ohio are attempting to place similar measures on the ballot for next year, and another 5 states are contemplating laws along these lines.

Here’s the biggest issue that springs to mind for me (aside from the ramifications for abortion).  What about miscarriages?  Does that mean that any woman who miscarries is now subject to a legal investigation on TOP of everything associated with a miscarriage?  Stillbirths?  Do the people making these laws have no consideration for how this is going to effect things other than abortions?

Abortion is such a hot button issue that many people refuse to separate their religious or emotional state from the legal issue.  But do these proponents truly think that this is an objectively good idea?

I mean, here’s an hypothetical…  You are pregnant, and miscarry.  Now what?  Does the doctor have to report your lack of pregnancy to the authorities?  Are you then questioned about the reasons for losing your pregnancy?  How about a stillbirth, or a late-term loss?  What happens then?  Are the police going to charge you with manslaughter?  Thus just compounding an already horrible time in your life.

How scary is this concept?  Whether you’re for or against abortion, you have to admit that making the unborn a person opens up women to a world of potential legal problems that result from things they can not control.

So please, be active in your government.  Write to your Representatives and Congressmen and let them know how scary of a law this is and that you won’t support it.  PLEASE.


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