Well, Kris and I have decided it’s time – we’re converting Dru’s bed to its toddler stage tonight.

This is spurred by the fact that apparently I wasn’t fast enough getting to Dru this morning, so he jumped out of his crib.  Now, for those of you who haven’t seen his crib – it’s a good height off the ground, and we’re not really sure how he even got out.  But he didn’t seem at all phased by the escape, and was giggling and waiting for me at my bedroom door.  So yeah, it’s time for the toddler rail.  Thankfully we picked that up a few weeks ago, so we’ve got it on hand.

So Dru will be going from this crib:

to this toddler bed:

This should be an adventure.




2 comments on “Converting

  1. Vu says:

    Oh you are in for a treat! I remember when my daughter switched over. Pretty much for the same reasons you have switched over. Her leg could reach up over the rail and we knew it was only weeks, perhaps days before she would be climbing completely over it. She loved having just the toddler rail on it rather than the “cage”. When we converted it, she actually wanted to stay in her bed the whole day just playing in it.
    Of course the nights were different because she had free reign. She’d often appear in our bed at night. We figured it would happen and we just accepted it. Most of the time she would sleep through the night but of course there would be the occasional appearance in between mom and dad. Glad we have a low bed. Wouldn’t want her trying to climb up a tall one.

  2. manderkinz says:

    I dread the day Dominic figures out he can climb out of his crib.

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