So, we just tried pottying again on the big boy potty in his bathroom before I put him down for nap, and it was a success!


That’s two!



So we recently decided to start introducing Dru to the potty – no pressure, just want him to get used to it.

We bought a basic potty chair for the downstairs bathroom (since we spend 90% of his awake time downstairs) and give him the option to sit on it whenever he wants.  About a week ago, he said “Mama, potty?” to me, so we went in, stripped him and floor bare, and sat him down.  He sat there singing “potty potty potty” for a couple of minutes, stood up and promptly peed on his feet.  After laughing, and cleaning the floor and Dru, I declared the experience a win – after all, he told me he needed to potty, and then he did.  Now we just need to work on location.

Well, Sunday night, we were getting ready for bed and had pulled off his diaper to change him.  So we get him stripped and he says “potty?” so Kris and I take him to his bathroom.  Now we don’t have a potty in there yet, so I just plopped him on the toilet and held him.  He danced and giggled while telling us “wait…” so we did.  Then, he actually peed!  YAY!  He always wants to flush the toilet, so as a reward for going in the potty, we let him flush.  It was a good day all around!

So, we’re not quite ready for full-on potty training, but he’s waking up dry more and more and we’ve had a couple of successes, so we’re optimistic!


Yep, another non-word.  And another moment of me not caring :-p

Anyway, the in-laws came in to town this weekend, and we went to a local pumpkin patch/farm.  We went last year too, so we tried to get some similar photos.  When we got home, we were comparing them, and holy crap – the change is crazy.

Peanuts 2011

Peanuts 2010

Jail 2011

Jail 2010

Chair 2011

Chair 2010

Measure 2011

Measure 2010








































So yeah, he’s grown a ton, but we all enjoyed ourselves, and now he’s completely tuckered out!


So, a series of crazy calls passed back and forth today.

Apparently, someone called Kris’ grandma and told her that he’d been arrested in the Dominican Republic and she needed to send bail money, and not to tell anyone else.  Well, she called Grandpa, who told my father-in-law, who then called me.  Unfortunately, I was at my chiropractor’s appointment, so I didn’t have my phone on me.  So then he called my Dad, who called me in a panic.  Finally, my father-in-law called Kris and got a hold of him at work.  So then my dad called back and explained that they found out it was a scam.  Then Kris called me at chiro to give me a heads up before I got the messages.

All in all, it turns out this is a new scam.  Apparently these people are calling grandparents and telling them that a grandchild was on a trip, got arrested for possession, and needs bail wired.  Then, if the poor worried person wires money, it’s too late, or not enough, so they are told to wire more.  Poor things have been taken for thousands of dollars.

I had never heard of this particular scam until today, so I’m spreading the word so that other families can be more aware.

Thank God his grandparents didn’t get taken.

And of course, now that everyone has calmed down and stopped to think, they realized that this would be totally out of character for Kris, but hey, I guess these scammers are playing on the shock and concern.

Spread the word, protect your families.


Today marks Kris and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary (and almost 8 years together).  We don’t have big plans to celebrate (we don’t do big things usually, will probably go to dinner or something in the next week or two).  The only major thing we’re doing this weekend is our ACS Breast Cancer 5k.


Hope everyone has a great day!


Kids watch TV, it’s a way of life.  I try to limit the amount and the content, but Dru does watch.  And he has shows he really likes.  Days when he’s not feeling well, we tend to watch more.  It happens.

But what I really want to know is what the makers of some of these programs are thinking!?  Most of what we watch is on NickJr, but even there you can find utter crap!  So I’m going to review the kid’s shows I’m familiar with.

Fresh Beat Band – Dru loves this show.  Aside from the fact that there are under 50 episodes, so we watch the same ones OVER AND OVER, I actually like this show.  It’s lots of music, and Dru actually tries to imitate the dancing.  He knows a couple of the characters’ names and the lessons are overall good.  So, while it’s rather inane from an adult’s perspective, I have no real issues with this one.

Franklin – Dru uses this one to identify animals.  But we really don’t watch it that often.  Mostly it’s fine – though a couple of the episodes I’ve seen have Franklin acting like a bit of a twat, with very little repercussion.  I know it’s based off a book series, but I frankly can’t remember if he’s like that in the books.

Little Bear – Cute.  Again Dru likes the animals, and we don’t watch it often.  But I haven’t really seen any episodes that I dislike.

Ni Hao Kai-Lan – Dru likes this one, but I limit it to only certain episodes.  Kai-Lan is okay, but her “friends” make me stabby.  They’re all very whiny and entitled.  And throw temper tantrums every time they don’t get their way.  Yet there are no consequences.  This bothers me a lot.

Jack’s Big Music Show – cute.  The characters are a bit odd, but not bad.  They don’t do bad things, so consequences are not at issue.  It has a ton of music too, so Dru loves it for that.  NickJr just moved it to way early tho, so usually he’s not up to see it.

Wonder Pets – ANNOYING.  The duck has a lisp.  And is a selfish twat.  The guinea pig is bossy, and the turtle is a wuss.  We avoid this one.

Wow Wow Wubbzy – Forbidden in our house.  The animation is like high-tech 8-bit and the values are crap.  The main character, Wubbzy, is a raging idiot, and constantly does bad things.  Then is NEVER punished for them.  NOT OKAY.

Olivia – Just NO.  She’s a twat.  In one episode, she tried to stuff her brother in a box and send him to Siberia.  Her father’s reaction – it’s not practical to do it, because shipping is expensive.  Other episodes are just as bad, and she always has to have everything be about her.

Word World – This is a PBS kids show.  I LOVE this show.  Since Dru has learned his letters, and we’re working on what sounds they make, etc, this show is great because everything in the show is made up of the word it is.  And the lessons are great too.  I just love this show.  Plus the animals enforce his animal identification (and not just by the sounds, but he just recently started saying “seep” instead of “baa” when talking about a sheep.

Dino Dan – Eh.  I have no strong feelings towards this show.  It’s really educational about dinos, but I’m not the biggest fan of how every adult and peer in the show seems to just let Dan believe that he really does see dinos everywhere, and constantly interrupts his teachers to tell them about dinos.  Only mildly annoying in the long run.  We don’t watch it much.

Dora the Explorer – NO.  There is a character that’s sole purpose is to steal things.  the opening song even has him doing it.  No.

Go Diego Go – eh.  Dru doesn’t seem to have any strong feelings.

Little Bill – again, eh.  It’s kind of Bill Cosby’s answer to Caillou, but less annoying.  Dru doesn’t seem interested here either.

Yo Gabba Gabba – I used to be scared by this show, but I’ve gotten used to it.  My father-in-law calls it the “french tickler show” because one of the characters looks like one.  But it has decent lessons, lots of music, and he dances along.

Blue’s Clues – I actually don’t mind this one.  Dru’s been interacting with it lately.  When they ask where something is, I can see him studying the TV, then he’ll scream out “TERE IT IS” when he finds it.

Toot & Puddle – Eh.  Dru likes the pigs, because he snorts at them.  I think it’s a  bit old for him in general.  I like that it focuses on different places and cultures.  He doesn’t really pay attention.

Peppa Pig – The animation in this one is very immature, but the lessons are decent.  The fact that all the characters have a British accent is interesting, and exposes Dru to words sounding different.  So that’s good.  All in all, not bad.

The Backyardigans – I really only have one complaint with this show.  One of the characters is unidentifiable as any particular creature (all the others are very obviously identifiable) and is named Uniqua.  Other than that, it’s cute, the music and imagination aspects are well done.  So yeah, this one stay on if it comes up.

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends – I have no real problem with this show.  The characters can be selfish, but they are always called on it and made to reform their behavior.  Dru likes the books about the same character better, so we don’t really watch the show.

Caillou – This show is no longer shown.  It’s on Sprout, and Caillou’s voice makes me want to stab my eyes out with a rusty spoon.  And he’s annoying personality wise.  With all the other shows out there, why bother?


So, what are your kids’ show loves/hates?


I despise commercials.  So in many ways, NickJr is perfect for me to watch with Dru, because it has no commercials.  However, other shows still do, and one that has been driving me bonkers lately is the Mott’s Medleys commercial.  It’s just the most recent in a long line of commercials that capitalize on the fact that kids don’t want to eat vegetables.

Here’s my issue with this – kids are blank slates where vegetables are concerned.  Unless you tell them that vegetables are yucky, they generally will enjoy most of them.  Dru likes vegetables, he doesn’t have a concept of food being “yucky” unless it’s gone bad.  There are foods I don’t enjoy that he loves.  I would never tell him a food is yucky because doing so passes on food issues to him without giving him the opportunity to make his own decisions.  For example, I don’t like cottage cheese.  I think it’s slimy and smells terrible.  But Dru started eating it with my mother-in-law, so I buy it for him, and fed it to him when he still needed help eating it.

Buy perpetuating this stereotype that healthy things don’t taste good, we’re breeding a culture of food issues into our kids.  By telling them – through our actions, and through commercials/media – that healthy foods are yucky, by disguising them, or implying that they need to be disguised, we’re predisposing them to not enjoying them.  Dru eats vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, and has very few sweets.  When he requests a snack, he asks for cheese or apples.

We’re always talking about the obesity epidemic in this country – has anyone considered that this obsession with vilifying healthy foods (on top of our general laziness and complacency) is a major factor contributing to the obesity epidemic?

Why can’t advertisers just toll the benefits of healthy foods – many of which are quite yummy without having to disguise them in other foods, or smother them with ranch dressing, or lie to your kids that the Chef Boyardee food has vegetables?!