Yes, I was being punny, and yes, I know that “fairing” is not a word :-p


Anyway, we headed up to Michigan and went to the Michigan Ren Faire in Holly on Saturday.  It was a bit muddier than we could have wished for, and when the wind kicked up, it was definitely a bit chilly, but overall it was a gorgeous day.

Dru’s costume came out super cute:

Mams found a cape!

And of course he was loving that Papa was around (and dressed as a pirate!)

When we got to the Ren Faire, we met up with Aunt Kellie, Uncle Andy and Andy’s parents.  The mud was everywhere (my poor dress…) but Dru did really well.  He stayed close to us, and didn’t have any really bad moments.  He got to play with different animals that were running around (mostly dogs) but I think his favorite moment was probably when he got to go on a pony ride!

Of course, up until this weekend he was calling horse “HEEEES” (his version of their noise) but on Saturday, he started calling them “HORZ!!!!”  we’re getting there.  And somehow, we managed to choose the troublemaker pony, who kept trying to eat my skirt and reach around to get petted by Dru.

But little man had fun (screamed like a banshee when I made him leave) and had an overall good day.




On a separate note, he seems to be getting back to sleeping more now that his ears feel better.  That and the baby doorknob thinger that means he can’t break out of his room help.


2 comments on “Fairing

  1. HORZ!! As long as he doesn’t call his future wife that we’re good!

    His costume is fantastic!

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