So, everyone knows about all of the Occupy movements around the country.  But no one really seems to be able to codify what the goal is.  Is it social change?  Economic?

Maybe it’s all of the above, but frankly, a widely split focus in a movement like this is just detrimental to getting anything done.  What I want to know, is how many of the people at these events are there because they believe strongly in activism, and have a goal in mind which they can articulate, and how many are there because it’s fun, an excuse to rebel, etc.?

How many of the Occupiers went and voted on Election Day?

Most of the articles, blogs etc that I read about what’s going on aren’t helping the cause.  Either they’re completely against the movement, or they’re written and commented on by people who are adding to the “crazy” label that is being applied by those against.

I was reading a post today about a NY Judge (Karen Smith) who, while acting as a legal observer to the OWS protests was assaulted by a cop when she tried to get him to stop assaulting another woman.  I agree with the fact that this is a horrible thing – not only was the cop assaulting a woman, he then assaulted a woman who identified herself as a legal observer.  I am in no way saying that the judge matters more than the other woman (as commenters on the other page were thinking, implying or whatever) but I am saying that it’s made worse in this case because he went after someone who was there to make sure that he was not abusing his authority, and did so after knowing who she was.  This shows me that this cop (and any others around him who didn’t step in) is out of control.

In reading through the comments on the page, only about 5% or 10% were actually coherent, non-inflammatory, or based in fact.  This can’t be helping the outside view for the general population.  As an observer, when the only people supporting a cause are those who appear to be crazy or ignorant, I shy away from that cause.

Having people who actually are able to express themselves well, who can communicate without cursing constantly, and have the ability to use facts and logic is going to be a better weapon on behalf of the movement than crazed whining ever will be.

So, if you’re involved in Occupy, please, help me out, tell me what you’re protesting for, and what other methods you have used, or are willing to use.  I’m truly curious.



Dru has begun fighting naptime.

He’s discovered that if he bangs his head on the door hard enough and just below the knob, it’ll bounce it out of the latch, and he can break out.  Once I figured out what the loud thudding was, and stopped laughing, I began trying to figure out how to stop this.

Neither Kris nor I can figure out a solution.  And this only happens at naptime, and only sometimes.  Bedtime is easy, and most naps go as smoothly.  But every few days, he’s decided not to nap, and instead to endeavor to give himself a concussion…

Which also may explain his desire to act like an earthquake.  I can’t explain it any better than that – he stomp/jumps around the living room, yelling “WHOA!” and when he stops momentarily, he spreads his legs and shakes back and forth.  Now I have no idea where he would have encountered an earthquake to emulate, so I can only assume that it’s due to his head trauma.


On a positive note, he’s getting better at telling me when he needs to potty, so we’re getting close to the point of getting the signal in time to get him to the bathroom.  Which is going to be awesome, since he decided to break my back this week, and I can’t really lift him up easily to get him changed.


Ah well, the joys of motherhood.