Okay, so I usually just zap through commercials, but lately, we’ve had a couple shows we watched without the ability to fast forward.  As a result, I saw the new Honda CR-V commercials.  They really upset me.

In the one, the guy proposes to his girlfriend, and she has all these flashes of things she wants to do that she feels she won’t be able to do them because she’s getting married (until of course she thinks about the CR-V).  The other shows a woman telling her guy that she wants to have kids, and he has the same panic attack with the same conclusion about the CR-V.

Here’s what pisses me off – this implies that getting married and having babies means that you can no longer enjoy life or do the things you want to do.  And frankly that’s crap.  I didn’t marry my husband because I was convinced that I had accomplished everything in my life and it was all downhill from there.  I married my husband because I wanted to experience the rest of my life with him, especially the things that were things I hadn’t done yet.

As for having kids – yes it changed our lives, but it’s not like we can’t still go on vacation.  This summer we took a vacation where we left Dru with his grandparents and had a great time.  Next summer, we’re hoping to be able to go to Ireland for a wedding, and we’ll again leave Dru with his grandparents (assuming we can afford the trip of course).  Ireland has been a place that both of us have wanted to visit, and if Dru wasn’t going to be 3.5, we’d love to take him along.  But instead, we’ll go and enjoy ourselves, and he’ll have fun with family.

In either case, giving up your dreams because you get married or have kids is dumb, and the implication that you should be expected to do so, unless you get a particular car is offensive.

IF that’s not what Honda was aiming for their commercial to say, they failed.  If it was, they failed more, because it’s an offensive message.



So January has been an exciting month in Dru’s world.

We had the first real snow of the winter, and we went out and played in it.  He had some issues with his mittens.  They’d get full of snow, he’d get snow on his face, then go to wipe it off with mittens of snow.  He’d then get upset that there was more snow on his face.  But we had fun, and got some great pictures.

Dru loved the snow

And yesterday, we spent time with Dom at this new play place called Yu Kids.  It’s at Woodfield Mall and apparently the first of its chain in the States.  The boys had a lot of fun, and wore themselves out at the same time.  So a win win!

The boys rode the mini Merry-Go-Round

The balloons were a hit

Action shot!

The place is great, I just wish it was a bit closer.

At least he keeps me young.


And I’ll be making an effort to blog more frequently and regularly 🙂


Okay, so I’ve been slacking.  I’m sorry.

I realize I haven’t posted anything since Thanksgiving, but I really have been busy.  Leading up to Christmas, I spent quite a bit of time practicing for the Christmas Cantata at Church, interviewing for a job (which I didn’t get), and preparing to host Christmas for the family.

We had a great Christmas, Dru made out like a bandit.

Dru was not the biggest fan of Santa

The stockings were stacked on the table with...well, not really with care

Dru took a much more active role in opening his presents this year

Dru decided to see if he could get to Narnia in his new storage box

And Papa was around to make sure that we got our naps

Two days later, we threw him a birthday party.  This year, his buddy Dom was able to come, and Mams made him an AWESOME dinosaur cake.

Dru's Dino Cake

Dru enjoyed his new easel with Auntie

Dru wasn't sure about the presence of the paparazzi

I stole a kiss while he was having some cake and my friend Kat took some GREAT pics.

Auntie Sam would've been proud of the mess this year!

One of my oldest friends (for both our sakes, I’m going to decline to say how long that means) is a great photographer who is working on getting her business to support her full-time.  She came to Dru’s birthday and took some great photos for us.  Check her out – Kat/Eye Studios (the last three pictures above here are from her).

So yeah, December was a busy month.  Then January hit, and I realized today that it’s already halfway through the month.  I’ve been applying for jobs and tutoring like crazy – finals are giving me a lot of work on that front.  Dru’s been keeping me busy, and we have been running around.