So January has been an exciting month in Dru’s world.

We had the first real snow of the winter, and we went out and played in it.  He had some issues with his mittens.  They’d get full of snow, he’d get snow on his face, then go to wipe it off with mittens of snow.  He’d then get upset that there was more snow on his face.  But we had fun, and got some great pictures.

Dru loved the snow

And yesterday, we spent time with Dom at this new play place called Yu Kids.  It’s at Woodfield Mall and apparently the first of its chain in the States.  The boys had a lot of fun, and wore themselves out at the same time.  So a win win!

The boys rode the mini Merry-Go-Round

The balloons were a hit

Action shot!

The place is great, I just wish it was a bit closer.

At least he keeps me young.


And I’ll be making an effort to blog more frequently and regularly 🙂


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