So I was just surfing lolsnaps and cam across an extremely ridiculous story.  Apparently, a woman in NY is claiming that she got pregnant from watching a 3D explicit movie.  This, right here, is the proof that abstinence education is not working.  I can almost understand her trying to pass off her baby she had from an affair (as her husband was deployed when she got pregnant), but I REFUSE to accept where it says in the story that her husband BELIEVED her lying behind.  Because, you know, 3D movies are so lifelike that they are now able to eject sperm and get women pregnant.

I’m sorry – but there is NO WAY that anyone who is actually old enough to reproduce should believe that you can get pregnant from watching a movie.  That’s like saying that if I go watch a 3D movie where they shoot towards the audience, I could die.  NO.  JUST NO.

And on top of all this stupidity, she then states that she’s planning on suing the theater and the producers.  NO NO NO.  Just what this country needs – more frivolous lawsuits.

I hope that little miss liar liar pants on fire and her gullible husband read this.  And I hope that he reads a biology text book, or perhaps employs some common sense.  He really needs to accept the fact that his wife cheated on him, and that he just claimed another man’s child as his own.


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