Those of you in the Midwest know that aquatic centers are very common (not so much in the Boston area).  Anyway, for short money we are able to have a season pass to the local one, which is right behind the fitness center.  So this morning, I dropped Dru at the babysitting center for the gym (also short money) and used a rowing machine for the first time since college.  I did 2000 meters plus warm-up and cool-down, then some other work.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I wanted to do laps, but apparently they changed the lap swim hours again – and they end at 9am.

Dru was up and down all night last night (and thusly so was I) and so we didn’t wake up until about 10.  Oh well, still got my workout.  Then he did really well at the babysitting center, so I told him we could go to the aquatic center.  The place is pretty cool.  It’s a zero-entry pool with a large area that isn’t too deep and two slides that are Dru-friendly.  Usually he uses the main toddler one, it’s blue, has dolphins – he loves it.  He’ll just go down it over and over (last time we were there it was for almost 4 hours straight).  The yellow slide is bigger and dumps into about 1.5 feet of water, so of course he likes to sneak of and go down that one when he thinks I’m not paying attention.  Because we were there last time for 4 hours, I got a bit crispy – Dru was safe, as he apparently inherited Kris’ ability to reject the sun.  But I ended up with a pretty little burn on my back and legs.  Today, we were only there for 2 hours, and I managed to find a shady spot to hide in, so I think I managed to outsmart the sun.  WIN!

The biggest drawback to going there is getting Dru to leave.  He loves the water (comes by that honestly) and generally it involves a screaming fit to get out.  Well, today I lucked out, because he was so exhausted from not sleeping last night that when I suggested we go home, he said “Okay Mama.  Go home.  I tired.”  He passed out in the car, and is now sitting comatose of the couch, pretending not to be falling asleep.

And, in other good news, when I weighed myself after my workout, I’m down a pound!  WOOT!


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