We’ve had a busy month or so.  Kris was best man in a wedding the last weekend in June up by his parents.  We drove up a few days before and settled in for almost two weeks.  Not only was Kris best man, but Dru was the ring bearer.  This meant that we bought his little behind a tux and vest to match Daddy and got him all snazzed up.  The bride and groom are super sweet people, and got him a basket of goodies for being ring bearer (including a Brown Bear from Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bearbook).  My only complaint about the process of finding Dru a tux was that no one apparently sells plain back socks for little boys.  Instead, we ended up getting him *mostly* black socks – that happened to have a skull & crossbones on them – oh well.  But he was wicked cute in his tux, and (surprisingly) made it completely down the aisle.

You try convincing a 2.5 year old that all this is necessary clothing in 100 degree temps.

Dru in his tux

Dru with his tux, flower, and Brown Bear.

The biggest issue with the wedding was that it was about a million degrees outside.  But, the tried and true parenting technique of bribery prevailed here.  We found a candy bowl, and right before I sent Dru down the aisle, I told him that if he brought Daddy the pillow, he would get a piece of candy.  I then tried to tell him to walk.  Well, he made it about halfway down the aisle before busting into a run.  But at least he didn’t turn around screaming like he did at the rehearsal.

All in all, the wedding was beautiful, and it was great being there for their wedding.  On top of it, both Kris’ and my parents were there, so Dru got to spend time with both sets of grandparents and both aunts.


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