HamJam 2012 has now come and gone. It was the 10th one, and also happened to coincide with a number of milestones. There were people hitting different decade marks for both birthdays and anniversarys, so on top of the usual celebrations, we got to fete them all.

Despite the fact that it was about 1 million degrees outside, we had a good turnout.  There was a water fight, food, and music.  Dru actually got to run around playing this year, and he was loving it.  It was a nice ending to our almost 2 week trip.

Playing in the water table during HamJam










It was also the first time Dru fully slept through the night in about a month.

And of course, the night before, my parents provided for LobsterFest2012.  We initiated a couple of new people into the club this year, and I really do like watching people try and learn to crack open a lobster!  There was much carnage – though Dru still refused to try any.

The carnage










We also got Dru his first ice cream cone – which was actually mine, just HUGE.  I ordered myself a medium, expecting something much smaller than what I received.  Raspberry ice cream with sprinkles (the closest I could get to my favorite combo).  Since it was ginormous, Dru got to share with Mommy.  He LOVED it.

Dru helping with my ice cream cone.










And to round out his week of firsts, Dru saw his first fireworks show.  We took him to the local display on the 3rd, and he was immediately entranced.  To the extent that both Kris and I have downloaded fireworks applications on our phones for him to enjoy.  His face when the first burst went off was classic.











It was a good vacation.  If only it had decided to be a bit cooler, and Dru had been sleeping reliably, it would have been perfect.


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