So after talking with my mom about her solution to my little sister’s night terrors – having a sleeping bag in their room for her that made it so she didn’t crawl into bed every night – Kris and I decided to try something similar.  Two nights ago, we brought Dru’s little Cars couch upstairs at bedtime and have him help us put it in our room, telling him that if he got scared in the middle of the night, he could come and sleep on it.  Well, he decided that wasn’t going to be the plan.  Dru instead demanded we place it on his bed.  Figuring it couldn’t hurt, we did.  Well, he woke up around 11 pm for about 30 sec, then went straight back to bed and slept through the night.

Last night, we put him down, and he didn’t wake up until this morning at 7:15.  Despite the fact that apparently we had a wicked storm including hail last night.

So what I’d like to say is: THANK YOU to the makers of that little couchbed thingy.  Even if it’s not a permanent solution – I’ve gotten two straight nights of full sleep.  So I call it a win!

You can’t see the couch very well here, but it’s the bright red thing he’s sitting on


One comment on “Sleeping

  1. We have one of these couches and it’s also used in the bed! lol For some reason a couch on the bed makes their own bed much more appealing! Whatever works!

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