Settling in

So it’s been awhile again.

We’re pretty much all settled in.  We had a heck of a time with the move, and a big shout out to my Dad for being there to bail us out.  So here’s what happened.

We drove up to Michigan and attended Kris’ aunt’s wedding.  Had a ton of fun and took a number of pictures.  Sunday, we left Dru and Sparky with my in-laws and went back to the IL apartment.  We spent Sunday night packing, and Monday around noon picked Dad up at the train.  We then spent the rest of Monday (until we went to dinner at Texas de Brazil!!!!  YUM) packing and all of Tuesday.  Wednesday morning we drove one town south to pick up our moving truck.  Dad had reserved it for us back in June, and we arrived just after 8 to pick it up.  When we got to the location, we couldn’t see a truck at all.  In my desire to be done with the move, I managed to convince myself that they were somehow hiding a 20’+ truck around back.  When we walked in to the generic rental place, the guy behind the counter looked baffled when we said we were there to pick up a truck.  After some (SLOW) searching, he informed us that he had no truck, and didn’t know when the one that was supposed to be ours was going to be back. After a few choice words, Dad called Budget’s rental line.  The rocket scientist he talked to informed him that the reservation does not guarantee equipment, just a price, and that they reserve the right to substitute equivalent equipment.  Looking around the store, we wanted to know how a chocolate fountain and a brad nailer were going to help us in our 200 mile move.

So I got on the horn with Ryder and Dad called Penske.  Ryder apparently doesn’t do one-way moves at all.  So as long as Penske had a truck, they were automatically going to come out ahead of the game.  They did, and we ended up driving 20 minutes north of the apartment to get it, and then back south of the apartment to get the pads and hand truck.  BUT WE GOT THE TRUCK.  FINALLY.

We get back to the apartment around 10:30, two hours later than planned, and start loading.  By the time we were done loading, it was about 9pm.  But we’d packed all the lights and bedding, so we made for MI.  We got to MI around 2:30 (actually made pretty decent time) with only a small scare about 30 miles from the house, because the check engine light in the truck came on.  We stopped and let it sit for a few minutes and drove the last bit in.  The next day, unloading was a lot easier, and we had extra hands to help as well.

Friday, Kris and I decided to go and get our licenses switched over, because mine had expired on my birthday, and so I wasn’t able to drive.  We went down to the Secretary of State (SoS) and were all ready to go.  Upon arriving, we learned that the SoS only takes MasterCard and Discover.  We only carry Visa and AmEx.  So we spent a good amount of time getting that squared away, and finally apply for our licenses.  We couldn’t switch our plates over until we switched our insurance, so that would have to wait for another day.

Now since the Monday after the move, Kris has been working remotely, and it’s going great.  Well, he decides it’s probably a good idea to get a Michigan number for both of our cell phones, so he goes online to Cricket’s website to change the number.  We’d already changed our address.  When he does so, they assign him a new number with the old 224 area code.  So he calls them to find out why.  They explain to him that since they don’t offer monthly service in our area, they can’t assign him a local number.  And since our phones aren’t compatible with the service they do offer in the area (monthly prepaid) they shut off his phone.  When he asks them to turn it back on at the old number so he can finish out the workday, they say he needs to go to the closest Cricket store – in Michigan City, IN – about 2 hours from the house.  So he takes some PTO and goes to Best Buy.  We now have local numbers and Virgin Mobile.

About a week after all this, we get our licenses in the mail.  Everything looks great – except one thing.  They switched our signatures.  So Kris’ signature is on my license, and vice versa.  So we go in after work that week and file for corrections.  The lady at the SoS told us that we didn’t have it as bad as the gentlemen who’d come in earlier with an error on his license.  He’s an older heavily bearded man, and his license had “F” in the gender field.  Since we were there, and had gotten our insurance switched over, we took care of our plates as well.  Yesterday, we finally received our corrected licenses, and we’re all good to go.

Other than Budget and Cricket being stupid, it hasn’t been too bad.  We’re pretty much settled in and Dru is having a couple issues.  He keeps telling us he wants his old house back.  But it’s happening less often.

In positive news, Dru has been sleeping SOOOOO much better here.  Maybe it’s the lack of noise and light outside his window, maybe it’s the lack of stress on Kris and I manifesting, or maybe it’s the Brown Bear, Brown Bear wall decals that my in-laws decorated his room with.  Whichever combination of reasons has brought it about, I’m good with it.

In conclusion – I HATE MOVING.  And Budget sucks.  So does Cricket.


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