So a few large storms have made their way across the country in the past week or so, giving our area it’s first real snow.  Dru is wicked excited.  We had a minor snowfall a bit ago and the first thing he wanted to do was to go make snow angels. 

Here’s the issue, when we moved, I packed all the snow stuff in one box – my big winter coat, both his snow suits, and probably a couple of Kris’ coats as well.  But when looking through the plethora of unpacked boxes, I CANNOT find them.  I’ve looked in all the boxes large enough to hold them that aren’t marked kitchen…so now Kris and I have to go through every box and find them, because I love that coat and I don’t think Dru’s going to wait much longer to make his snow angel.

And yes, I could just buy new for us, but I don’t want to.  My inherent inability to spend my own money makes me determined to find them, or to tear apart every box trying!




2012 was not a good blogging year for me.  We had a number of changes occur in our lives which I could have blogged about, but I was wrapped up in living them, not writing them.  So here’s the year in review.

January – tutoring for the year begins.  Had a ton of fun with my students.

February – I decided to try my hand at becoming a health insurance agent.  I took the training and got licensed.  Then I remembered I hate doing sales.  That was a bust.

May – my car got totaled and we replaced it with a newer one.

June – one of our closest couple friends got married.  Kris was best man and Dru was ring bearer.  Much fun was had.

July – HamJam #10 and our decision to move to Michigan.

August – the move to Michigan and Kris’ aunt’s wedding.

September – school starts for.  First time working out off the house FT every day in almost 2 years.  Dry gets to hang out with his papa all day.  Kris begins working from home.

October – Kris’ birthday and our 5th anniversary.

December – lots of birthdays, including Dru’s 3rd.


Looking forward to 2013, it also promises to be a busy year.  My sister introduced me to loom knitting, so I’m going to be trying my hand at that.  On top of that, school starts back up on Jan 7th.  It’s crazy how many times I see kids I know at the grocery store now.

Dru is getting bigger and smarter everyday.  Hopefully he’ll be potty trained soon.  He’s almost got peeing fully down, just not pooping.  We’re considering preschool of some kind just to give gin some socialization, but not sure yet where.

Kris should be finishing his degree in the fall and I’ll be going back to further my education at that point.

So big things are in store for this year, and I hope to be better about updating, but I make no promises.

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy year in 2012, and we’ll see you in 2013!


Dear federal government:

In re the fiscal cliff…I have a suggestion.  Cut all your salaries.  You barely get anything done and make more money than the average citizen that you supposedly represent.  Instead of making 6 figure salaries, how about only making the average salary for a citizen in the area you represent?  This would cut a huge amount from federal spending.

Also, while freedom of religion is important, that doesn’t mean that religious institutions should be tax exempt, unless they can meet the non-profit standards that non religious entities have to meet.

If anyone or there is actually listening within the government, let me know, I have more suggestions.