So a few large storms have made their way across the country in the past week or so, giving our area it’s first real snow.  Dru is wicked excited.  We had a minor snowfall a bit ago and the first thing he wanted to do was to go make snow angels. 

Here’s the issue, when we moved, I packed all the snow stuff in one box – my big winter coat, both his snow suits, and probably a couple of Kris’ coats as well.  But when looking through the plethora of unpacked boxes, I CANNOT find them.  I’ve looked in all the boxes large enough to hold them that aren’t marked kitchen…so now Kris and I have to go through every box and find them, because I love that coat and I don’t think Dru’s going to wait much longer to make his snow angel.

And yes, I could just buy new for us, but I don’t want to.  My inherent inability to spend my own money makes me determined to find them, or to tear apart every box trying!


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