So here comes another political rant…

So we were just sitting around and discussing Nancy Pelosi’s most recent foul up regarding the Constitution.  Apparently, over the weekend, she gave an interview where she confused the first and second Amendments.  And this is not the first time she’s shown a complete lack of knowledge of the basics of our system.

Unfortunately, she’s not the only one who is so woefully ignorant.  And even scarier, many of those people are in positions of power within the government.  Part of the oath all members of Congress swear is to uphold and defend the Constitution.  How can we expect, or trust them to do that if they don’t know what it is?

So here’s my newest proposal…all elected officials have to pass the citizenship test that we expect others to pass to become citizens.  If it’s important enough for new citizens to have to know the information contained in the test, I would think it would be even more important for anyone directly affecting the policies under the Constitution to also have to know what is involved in it. And I think it should be an ongoing thing…like a driver’s exam.  Every other term, they have to pass the citizenship test to be eligible to make the ballot.  We already require them to submit a sufficient numbers of signatures, so why not submit a passing grade on a citizenship test as well?

I think it would make for more responsible and educated representatives, as well as for avoiding looking like complete morons to the rest of the world when the House Minority Leader can’t even make coherent arguments using the Amendments as backup.  It’s disgraceful and she (and we) should be embarrassed.


One comment on “Testing

  1. Harold Metler says:

    How come you’re so smart? You should run for office, providing you can pass the test! (LOL)

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