I’m a history nut.  It’s my passion, my interest, and I love learning about it.  So I tend to look for tv shows regarding my particular interest areas (ancient and medieval cultures, specifically religion in those cultures).  I used to love The History Channel, but lately, I’ve been extremely angered by their programming.  It seems that all they play is about aliens.  And there is no actual evidence to support their suppositions, just the stupid hair guy from the meme, who has no actual background in any field of history, and yet, the History Channel treats him like an expert. 

I want to know why they’ve gotten so LAZY.  Because that’s what this is.  Instead of doing the work and researching and whatnot, they’re just like “hey, I’m not sure why this is what it is, must’ve been aliens!”  Because apparently, if you can’t figure something out, no one human could have come up with it.  Clearly, modern thinkers are the most advanced thinkers ever, and they are the yardstick by which we should measure the thought processes of ancient peoples.  There is apparently no chance that other cultures think differently or had different ways of doing things that we can’t think of…

Since when is it okay within any research field to look at some evidence and then just say “hm, what’s the most ridiculous explanation I can come up with?  ALIENS!  Yes, let’s go with that.  I don’t care that I can’t support it.”

This is not okay.  It’s making the entire field look like a freaking joke, and it makes me extremely angry.  Kris has now barred me from watching shows that involve alien theories of history as a focus, because I get loud and yell things at the tv that Dru shouldn’t hear.

My sister, who is training to be a bio archaeologist (think Bones for really old bones) feels just as angry about this stupidity, so since we’re visiting my family right now, my dad is torturing us by threatening to turn on those shows.  It gets a bit dangerous for him.

Why are we letting this continue?  It’s along the same lines as the honey boo boo crap.  I’ve been seeing the commercials for a sniff card event which you actively have to search out and pay for.


Do we really want the movie Idiocracy to come true?


2 comments on “Guessing

  1. Jen F says:

    Did you ever watch Legend Quest on SyFy last year? This supposed “archaeologist” (and I use that term loosely) would go around looking for legendary objects like the staff of Moses or Excalibur. My sister and I would live-chat it together, mostly because it was so ridiculous and historically inaccurate that we would just be sitting there yelling at the dude on TV. On the series finale, he was tracking the Holy Grail, and followed various Knights Templar and Freemason theories, until after many wild leaps, he finally arrived at the conclusion that the Holy Grail must have been melted down and put in the original flame of the Statue of Liberty. Many expletives exited my mouth that evening. Thankfully, the show was cancelled. I was concerned because I was the only one sarcastically tweeting about it! Everyone else thought it was great – which then made me VERY concerned for society at large.

    I hate that History Channel has so many stupid Ancient Aliens shows on now. Between that and reality shows, it gives me a sad.

  2. Hahaha – ancient aliens! I hated the deadliest warriors show too – but it had some research backing. But still, making the Apache fight hypothetical battles with the Ninja? IRA vs. Taliban? Really?

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