So, since we moved into the new place, we’ve been going through and unpacking everything.  We were in a 3 bedroom with a two-car garage, then in my in-laws and boxes, and now we’re in a 2 bedroom with a small storage unit outside.

To say the least, we’re experiencing some overflow.  We’re also rediscovering the state of some of our possessions.  For instance, our dining room set.

My parents bought us a gorgeous dining room table and chairs back before we got married.  It’s a dark wood, pub height, enclosed leaf piece.  We love it.  It came with six chairs which looked like this:


They have a cream ridged upholstery on them.  Unfortunately, we’ve now had them for about 7 years, and have a dog and a 3-year-old.  One of them lived under Dru’s highchair at the old place, and ended up having the seat look like this…


Kris had some choice words to describe this chair…involving the phrase chronic diarrhea…so we realized we needed to recover the chairs.

We headed over to Joann’s this morning, as they’re the only retail place that we’ve found so far that carries fabric (I really want to find a mill store, but figured a Sunday in the South would not be the best time to try and locate one) and slogged through the markdown upholstery fabric.  We found a really nice sage microfiber that was already stain treated (and on sale for $9/yd) and snatched it up.  We then headed over to Lowe’s and picked up a staple gun/brad nailer and some 1/4″ staples.  Here are the results:


It’s hard to see the color of the fabric here (the lighting is odd, plus the blue blanket background. So the full chair:

Well, we really like it.  Kris has done most of the work, because I spent most of the week unpacking while he was at work, and managed to tweak my back.  It’s only taken a couple of hours total, and cost under $50.  The worst part is making sure that you follow the shape of the cushion, since it’s a bit odd.

We also hung some of our pictures, and picked up a curtain rod and blackout curtains for Dru’s room.  So we’re getting there.

I’ve got about 20 boxes left to go through, and some stuff that is definitely hiding from me (like my mixer and my toaster oven).  But all the essentials (other than those two) are unpacked.