Yes, it’s a bit late.  November was a bad month for my blog.  Through a combination of being busy and being lazy, I didn’t update as much as I planned.

I had two interviews in November.  One I’m waiting to hear back on (the phone interview was the day before Thanksgiving) and the other, while I thought it went well, was a bust.  Ah well.

Dru needed another haircut and is now talking in mostly comprehensible sentences.  He’s also plowing ahead on potty training and will tell me that he needs to go about once a day.  Usually it’s AS he’s going…but hey, we’re getting there.

The weather stayed warmish, so we spent as much time outside as possible.

I discovered a series by an author that I love that somehow I’d missed in the past and began reading it – it has something like 20 or 30 books in it, so I’m plowing my way through those.

I’ve been tutoring like a crazy person (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) and enjoying that.

Plus, I’ve taken more responsibility on at the church – I’m about to become Secretary for the Women’s Group and have started assisting with Sunday School.

So when I’m actually in the house, the blog is near the back of my focus.

But I am thankful for being so busy – it makes time fly, and keeps my weeks from just being me sitting on the couch in my jammies watching Dru play.

And I’m thankful for our families.  They’ve been nothing but supportive of us, and understanding.  My poor Dad gets a phone call from me almost everyday because there’s only so much that I can take of toddler speak without needing to hear another adult.


On more specific news – Thanksgiving was a ton of fun.  We went up to the in-laws and got to see family.  And on Saturday, we drove down to Toledo and visited more family, and the Toledo Zoo for the Lights Before Christmas event.  It was pretty neat, and Dru is a big fan of the zoo in general.

And now, since I know you all really come here for the pics 😉 – here they are!


Pirate Dru prepares for Turkey


Driving Aunt Kellie

Coloring with Grandma Lin

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Steve gave us a dancing, singing Frosty. "He's CUTE!"

"Hi Saur. How You?" Though he did think it was an armadillo at first...

December is another busy month for us.  This weekend is our town’s kickoff to the holiday season with tree lightings, Dickens, etc.  Next weekend is the Advent Tea and Cookie Exchange and induction as Secretary.  The weekend after is the Christmas Cantata service.  Then it’s Christmas – we’re hosting, so that’s always busy.

And we’re having Dru’s birthday party a couple of days after Christmas, so that my family can be here for it.  What’s gonna be fun there is this year I’m doing a dino cake for Dru.  My mother-in-law used to bake cakes, and has a ton of cake pans.  So while we were there for T-day, I snagged the dino pan and she’s gonna bring all her decorating tools to get that square.  I’m excited, this’ll be the first time I make a cake that isn’t just a square or circle and standard frosting.  Thankfully, the moms will be there to make sure that I don’t mangle it too horribly.

Ah well, Happy December everyone!




I despise commercials.  So in many ways, NickJr is perfect for me to watch with Dru, because it has no commercials.  However, other shows still do, and one that has been driving me bonkers lately is the Mott’s Medleys commercial.  It’s just the most recent in a long line of commercials that capitalize on the fact that kids don’t want to eat vegetables.

Here’s my issue with this – kids are blank slates where vegetables are concerned.  Unless you tell them that vegetables are yucky, they generally will enjoy most of them.  Dru likes vegetables, he doesn’t have a concept of food being “yucky” unless it’s gone bad.  There are foods I don’t enjoy that he loves.  I would never tell him a food is yucky because doing so passes on food issues to him without giving him the opportunity to make his own decisions.  For example, I don’t like cottage cheese.  I think it’s slimy and smells terrible.  But Dru started eating it with my mother-in-law, so I buy it for him, and fed it to him when he still needed help eating it.

Buy perpetuating this stereotype that healthy things don’t taste good, we’re breeding a culture of food issues into our kids.  By telling them – through our actions, and through commercials/media – that healthy foods are yucky, by disguising them, or implying that they need to be disguised, we’re predisposing them to not enjoying them.  Dru eats vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, and has very few sweets.  When he requests a snack, he asks for cheese or apples.

We’re always talking about the obesity epidemic in this country – has anyone considered that this obsession with vilifying healthy foods (on top of our general laziness and complacency) is a major factor contributing to the obesity epidemic?

Why can’t advertisers just toll the benefits of healthy foods – many of which are quite yummy without having to disguise them in other foods, or smother them with ranch dressing, or lie to your kids that the Chef Boyardee food has vegetables?!


HamJam #9!

This is my 8th HamJam, and I think my parents’ 6th or 7th.  It was also the first year we had rain.  Despite that, we had a HUGE turnout, including a surprise guest of Kellie (she ostensibly wasn’t going to be there, and took a long train ride to make it).

As always the food was awesome, We had our three tents for colds, hots and desserts, and the rain just let everyone get nice and cozy under their chosen tent or overhang.

Dru loved it – he was really too young to have much fun last year, so this year was his first HamJam that he was able to participate in.  We got some great pictures of everyone, so here they come!

This one is the day before HamJam:

Dru enjoying the water/sand table that Mams had "jump" into her cart


Dru and Papa Dann


Dru playing with the water/sand table in his HamJam "finery"

The younger members inside during a bout of rain

Dru and his "tar" that Bryce donated

Dru and Grams with Lego Papa

People chatting and socializing during a dry spell

Overall, I think we had a great time!

And to add a little extra, we hit up the fair before we left, and Dru got to see the goats!

Dru and his friend the goat


So apparently Dru is going through a growth spurt (as well as teething – YAY…)

As a result, the child is eating like I’ve starved him for the first 1.5 years of his life.  So far today, he has had a banana, a cup of milk, a blueberry chocolate granola bar and is working on an apple and a peach.  Because he thinks that any round fruit is an apple.  So he’s double fisting his apple and his peach.

But the blueberry chocolate granola bar is the funniest.  Kris got it into his head last night to make granola bars out of what we had in the pantry, which boiled down to some blueberry granola and chocolate chips.  He mixed them up and we cut them this morning.  They’re super yummy.  But the chocolate in them, as well as the honey as binder, is super messy (when eaten by hot little messes like 1.5 year olds).

So now Dru is sitting in his hair chair and munching on his apple and peach, covered in granola.

No words can describe the carnage, so here’s a picture to give an idea.  At least he liked them.  Go Kris!

The carnage

And now he’s pointing to the peach and calling it a “bapple” – his word for apple.  Everytime I correct him, he repeats “bapple” and looks at me like I’m an idiot.  Ah well.