So, a series of crazy calls passed back and forth today.

Apparently, someone called Kris’ grandma and told her that he’d been arrested in the Dominican Republic and she needed to send bail money, and not to tell anyone else.  Well, she called Grandpa, who told my father-in-law, who then called me.  Unfortunately, I was at my chiropractor’s appointment, so I didn’t have my phone on me.  So then he called my Dad, who called me in a panic.  Finally, my father-in-law called Kris and got a hold of him at work.  So then my dad called back and explained that they found out it was a scam.  Then Kris called me at chiro to give me a heads up before I got the messages.

All in all, it turns out this is a new scam.  Apparently these people are calling grandparents and telling them that a grandchild was on a trip, got arrested for possession, and needs bail wired.  Then, if the poor worried person wires money, it’s too late, or not enough, so they are told to wire more.  Poor things have been taken for thousands of dollars.

I had never heard of this particular scam until today, so I’m spreading the word so that other families can be more aware.

Thank God his grandparents didn’t get taken.

And of course, now that everyone has calmed down and stopped to think, they realized that this would be totally out of character for Kris, but hey, I guess these scammers are playing on the shock and concern.

Spread the word, protect your families.