Yes, it’s a bit late.  November was a bad month for my blog.  Through a combination of being busy and being lazy, I didn’t update as much as I planned.

I had two interviews in November.  One I’m waiting to hear back on (the phone interview was the day before Thanksgiving) and the other, while I thought it went well, was a bust.  Ah well.

Dru needed another haircut and is now talking in mostly comprehensible sentences.  He’s also plowing ahead on potty training and will tell me that he needs to go about once a day.  Usually it’s AS he’s going…but hey, we’re getting there.

The weather stayed warmish, so we spent as much time outside as possible.

I discovered a series by an author that I love that somehow I’d missed in the past and began reading it – it has something like 20 or 30 books in it, so I’m plowing my way through those.

I’ve been tutoring like a crazy person (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) and enjoying that.

Plus, I’ve taken more responsibility on at the church – I’m about to become Secretary for the Women’s Group and have started assisting with Sunday School.

So when I’m actually in the house, the blog is near the back of my focus.

But I am thankful for being so busy – it makes time fly, and keeps my weeks from just being me sitting on the couch in my jammies watching Dru play.

And I’m thankful for our families.  They’ve been nothing but supportive of us, and understanding.  My poor Dad gets a phone call from me almost everyday because there’s only so much that I can take of toddler speak without needing to hear another adult.


On more specific news – Thanksgiving was a ton of fun.  We went up to the in-laws and got to see family.  And on Saturday, we drove down to Toledo and visited more family, and the Toledo Zoo for the Lights Before Christmas event.  It was pretty neat, and Dru is a big fan of the zoo in general.

And now, since I know you all really come here for the pics 😉 – here they are!


Pirate Dru prepares for Turkey


Driving Aunt Kellie

Coloring with Grandma Lin

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Steve gave us a dancing, singing Frosty. "He's CUTE!"

"Hi Saur. How You?" Though he did think it was an armadillo at first...

December is another busy month for us.  This weekend is our town’s kickoff to the holiday season with tree lightings, Dickens, etc.  Next weekend is the Advent Tea and Cookie Exchange and induction as Secretary.  The weekend after is the Christmas Cantata service.  Then it’s Christmas – we’re hosting, so that’s always busy.

And we’re having Dru’s birthday party a couple of days after Christmas, so that my family can be here for it.  What’s gonna be fun there is this year I’m doing a dino cake for Dru.  My mother-in-law used to bake cakes, and has a ton of cake pans.  So while we were there for T-day, I snagged the dino pan and she’s gonna bring all her decorating tools to get that square.  I’m excited, this’ll be the first time I make a cake that isn’t just a square or circle and standard frosting.  Thankfully, the moms will be there to make sure that I don’t mangle it too horribly.

Ah well, Happy December everyone!




Dru has begun fighting naptime.

He’s discovered that if he bangs his head on the door hard enough and just below the knob, it’ll bounce it out of the latch, and he can break out.  Once I figured out what the loud thudding was, and stopped laughing, I began trying to figure out how to stop this.

Neither Kris nor I can figure out a solution.  And this only happens at naptime, and only sometimes.  Bedtime is easy, and most naps go as smoothly.  But every few days, he’s decided not to nap, and instead to endeavor to give himself a concussion…

Which also may explain his desire to act like an earthquake.  I can’t explain it any better than that – he stomp/jumps around the living room, yelling “WHOA!” and when he stops momentarily, he spreads his legs and shakes back and forth.  Now I have no idea where he would have encountered an earthquake to emulate, so I can only assume that it’s due to his head trauma.


On a positive note, he’s getting better at telling me when he needs to potty, so we’re getting close to the point of getting the signal in time to get him to the bathroom.  Which is going to be awesome, since he decided to break my back this week, and I can’t really lift him up easily to get him changed.


Ah well, the joys of motherhood.


So we recently decided to start introducing Dru to the potty – no pressure, just want him to get used to it.

We bought a basic potty chair for the downstairs bathroom (since we spend 90% of his awake time downstairs) and give him the option to sit on it whenever he wants.  About a week ago, he said “Mama, potty?” to me, so we went in, stripped him and floor bare, and sat him down.  He sat there singing “potty potty potty” for a couple of minutes, stood up and promptly peed on his feet.  After laughing, and cleaning the floor and Dru, I declared the experience a win – after all, he told me he needed to potty, and then he did.  Now we just need to work on location.

Well, Sunday night, we were getting ready for bed and had pulled off his diaper to change him.  So we get him stripped and he says “potty?” so Kris and I take him to his bathroom.  Now we don’t have a potty in there yet, so I just plopped him on the toilet and held him.  He danced and giggled while telling us “wait…” so we did.  Then, he actually peed!  YAY!  He always wants to flush the toilet, so as a reward for going in the potty, we let him flush.  It was a good day all around!

So, we’re not quite ready for full-on potty training, but he’s waking up dry more and more and we’ve had a couple of successes, so we’re optimistic!