Those of you in the Midwest know that aquatic centers are very common (not so much in the Boston area).  Anyway, for short money we are able to have a season pass to the local one, which is right behind the fitness center.  So this morning, I dropped Dru at the babysitting center for the gym (also short money) and used a rowing machine for the first time since college.  I did 2000 meters plus warm-up and cool-down, then some other work.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I wanted to do laps, but apparently they changed the lap swim hours again – and they end at 9am.

Dru was up and down all night last night (and thusly so was I) and so we didn’t wake up until about 10.  Oh well, still got my workout.  Then he did really well at the babysitting center, so I told him we could go to the aquatic center.  The place is pretty cool.  It’s a zero-entry pool with a large area that isn’t too deep and two slides that are Dru-friendly.  Usually he uses the main toddler one, it’s blue, has dolphins – he loves it.  He’ll just go down it over and over (last time we were there it was for almost 4 hours straight).  The yellow slide is bigger and dumps into about 1.5 feet of water, so of course he likes to sneak of and go down that one when he thinks I’m not paying attention.  Because we were there last time for 4 hours, I got a bit crispy – Dru was safe, as he apparently inherited Kris’ ability to reject the sun.  But I ended up with a pretty little burn on my back and legs.  Today, we were only there for 2 hours, and I managed to find a shady spot to hide in, so I think I managed to outsmart the sun.  WIN!

The biggest drawback to going there is getting Dru to leave.  He loves the water (comes by that honestly) and generally it involves a screaming fit to get out.  Well, today I lucked out, because he was so exhausted from not sleeping last night that when I suggested we go home, he said “Okay Mama.  Go home.  I tired.”  He passed out in the car, and is now sitting comatose of the couch, pretending not to be falling asleep.

And, in other good news, when I weighed myself after my workout, I’m down a pound!  WOOT!



So I was just surfing lolsnaps and cam across an extremely ridiculous story.  Apparently, a woman in NY is claiming that she got pregnant from watching a 3D explicit movie.  This, right here, is the proof that abstinence education is not working.  I can almost understand her trying to pass off her baby she had from an affair (as her husband was deployed when she got pregnant), but I REFUSE to accept where it says in the story that her husband BELIEVED her lying behind.  Because, you know, 3D movies are so lifelike that they are now able to eject sperm and get women pregnant.

I’m sorry – but there is NO WAY that anyone who is actually old enough to reproduce should believe that you can get pregnant from watching a movie.  That’s like saying that if I go watch a 3D movie where they shoot towards the audience, I could die.  NO.  JUST NO.

And on top of all this stupidity, she then states that she’s planning on suing the theater and the producers.  NO NO NO.  Just what this country needs – more frivolous lawsuits.

I hope that little miss liar liar pants on fire and her gullible husband read this.  And I hope that he reads a biology text book, or perhaps employs some common sense.  He really needs to accept the fact that his wife cheated on him, and that he just claimed another man’s child as his own.


So I recently stepped on a scale and cried.  I’m going to be starting a new exercise and minimal junk food regimen, because I’m not happy with where I am.  Kris and I both joined the park district’s gym recently, and he’s been doing martial arts again.  With Dru constantly wanting to go to the pool and the park, I’m getting some exercise, but the park district has a rowing machine and lap swim.  They also have child care available in the morning for short money, so I’m going to be ramping up my plan.

So, since I’ve been slacking on both exercise and blogging, I’m going to use my blog to help keep me accountable.

I’m not posting my actual weight here (I’m using another site for that), but I will post my goal: 64 lbs.  I don’t have a set date to achieve this by.  But I do want to get there in the next year or so.

So today, I swam 500 meters.  It begins.  I’m going to try and do regular blogging, with a quick exercise/weight update at the end of the post.


I really hate the feeling that I’m a bad mom.  I know I’m not, but some days I feel like it.  Dru had one of those days today where he just wasn’t happy no matter what.  Towards the end of the day, I gave him a choice which ended badly for him.  He’s now in his room screaming because I sent him to bed without supper.  He’s mad at me, and I feel really horrible – but he’s old enough for the consequences of his actions.  He also ate a crud-ton today (he had a grazing day) so it’s not like he’s going to go hungry.  But it always seems like they know exactly what pitch to scream at to make you feel the worst possible.

On top of that, I got one of those scam job response emails last night – to which I responded with innocence and requests for clarification.  But I can guarantee you I’m not going to randomly submit all of my personal information for a credit report to a website that can’t be found when Googled, for a company that won’t disclose its name.  It’s just not going to happen.

On a positive note, I did get a couple of positives on the job front (small ones, but I’ll take what I can get).  So now, I’m sitting here typing to distract from the screaming with a giant cup of hot chocolate…